What's New?

If you visited this page before, you can notice that I now changed the format. Since I'm a student I have less time now to dedicate to my page. Therefore I've decided to keep this page informative and short. The updates are sorted from the most recent to the least.

February 1999


I changed the "Meadow's Map" page, both graphics and code. If you are using Internet Explorer 4 (or higher) or Netscape 3 (or higher), you can notice the Javascript :-) (if not, look under 'options' or 'prefrences' and make javascript enabled).
I decided to remove the "special projects" page, and link directly to the map from the index page. New projects will be announced in the Map page.


I changed the index page, both graphics and code.


Summerizing up some changes I made:

December 1998


5.12.98 a cloud