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I was about 7 when I had my first incounter with the mighty COMPUTER. Comodore 64 ;-) My mom signed me up for a Logo course and bought me books about the programing language Basic.
At the age of 12 we bought a new computer: 286 Intel processor, no hard-drive, Dos 3 as the operating system. :-)
I've started learning Basic again, and a year (or 2) after that - Pascal. I also became quite a Tetris expert ;-)
At high-school I learned Computer Sciences (Pascal programing, a bit of Numeric Analysis, Graphs Algorithms and Automata and Formal Languages).
At this time we upgraded the computer to a Pentium processor, 540 MB hard-disk, Sound Blaster and CD-Rom, Windows 3.11 as OS.
I became a Computer Sciences student in October 1996. I study in The Technion institute, Haifa, Israel and I've just started my 3rd year.
Last upgrades regarding our computer: 3.2 GB hard-disk, 32 MB memory, Win95 as OS.
Around March-April of this year (1998) I've learned HTML and went over heels inlove with it ;-)
My boyfriend says that the computer and the internet will always come in first terms for me.....

He has a point.....

Here are my comp-related pages :

My Free Graphics

Not so long ago I downloaded the evaluation copy of Paint Shop Pro. GREAT program. I attempted to make some little graphics with it (my whole page is designed using it). Go have a look :-)

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Links to the web pages of the courses I'm taking in the Computer Sciences faculty.

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