This story contain many winter weather related words. Can you find them? (*hint*: their color is red). Do you know what they mean?

You wake up one morning and find out that Mr. Winter decided to come for a visit. The temperatures are low and you are feeling kind of chilly, which turns to a shivery feeling of coldness when you get out of bed. After dressing up in a sweater, leggings, wool socks and jeans, you put on your boots and take a look in the skies. The skies are covered with dark grey clouds, and it seems like it will rain sometime later....

In the afternoon you go out to the local grocery shop to buy some food for dinner. Half way home from the store you feel a droplet of rain on your forehead. While you run for cover, the drop turns into a sprinkle, the light rain into a drizzle, and the rain into a downpour. It seems like The Deluge from the bible comes again upon us.

You finally arrive safe (but wet) to your house, and start drying your clothes in front of the heating. Vapor come out of your clothes as they dry out and steams up the room.
You start preparing dinner and suddenly the sky shine with lightning, followed by a wild roar of thunder. A storm is running wild outside, a real tempest!

A few hours pass, and the gale seems to weaken, but it's still very cold. The weatherman reports of a cold front and forecasts heavy snow starting tonight.

You wake up late at night from your sleep. The wind is howling outside and it's raining. The rain changes to sleet and then icy balls start falling against the windows...It's hail.

You wake up to a white morning, A blanket of snow covers the ground and your coat gets covered with snowflakes when you pop outside. It's absolutely freezing...just the time for some hot chocolate....

The gentle snow of the morning turns into a blizzard at evening. Cuddled up on the sofa with a warm blanket you dream of summer.....

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