Katharina One night, Katharina, the Winter Guardian, woke up and looked at her calendar: "What! It is already that time of year? I am nearly late! It is time to prepare."

She summoned her faithful helpers:

The Winter Fairy, to lay down the Earth to sleep, to remind the animals to start their winter slumbers, and to help them prepare shelters.
The Wind Fairy, to howl around and bring snow, rain, clouds, thunders and lightings.
And Tiffany, to warm the people's hearts and homes.

Each one of Katharina's helpers had her own helpers, the magical unicorns and ponnies:

The Wind Fairy had

Wind Dancer,

Wind Chaser

and Windy.

The Winter Fairy had


Ice Princess,

Rain Drop

and Snow Flake.

And Tiffany had the little sugar plum fairy

to help her touch people's hearts and bring them joy, warmth and comfort.

...and that's my winter story for you. :-)

Tiffany and Katharina both came from: Amanda's Guardians

The Wind Fairy, The Winter fairy and The Sugar Plum Fairy all came from Angel's Faerie Adoptions.

The Magical Unicorns and Ponnies all came from The Unicorn Friendship Center.

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