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Who is Racheli?

Will you settle for the Short Version?

I was born on November 2nd 1978 to my parents Arie' and Sara.
I lived all my life in Kfar Malal, Israel, which is a Moshav (like a village). I have 2 sisters, Hadas and Adi, both younger than me.

In high school I majored in Physics, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Arabic and ofcourse Math and English (as a foreign language). When I finished high school I got accepted to a program called "Atuda" ("reserve"), which means I'm doing my first degree now and after I'll finish it I'll start serving in the army as (hopefully) an officer, working in my profession. In Israel, most youth start serving in the army at the age of 18. I'm doing in all backwards... :-)

I chose to study Computer Sciences in the Technion Institute, Haifa. I always loved computers so that was the obvious choise. I started my first year at October 1996.

On my first year in the Technion I started working in a program called "The Program for Advancement of Technological Man Power" (KAT for short). Behind this long and complicated name there is a program for practically teaching kids. The program takes place in schools around Haifa, and has classes in 4 subjects: math, physics, chemistry & computers. The kids we teach are from the 9th - 12th grades. I teach Pascal programming (computers field ofcourse).
I've been doing so for 2.5 years and I just LOVED it :-) I don't get a salary, but I do get a scholarship for it.
In my first 2 years in KAT I taught 9th graders, and this year I teach 10th graders.
Last year we also published a magazine of KAT . I wrote some stuff in it and was one of the editors too.
This year I was hired as the designer and manager of KAT's homepage. It is now in the stage of development, so it's not on the web yet.

After my 3rd semester I learned something that have changed my life: HTML! I got addicted :-) started off with one homepage and made 2 more since (this one is the 3rd). This is one of the things I love best. A few months ago I also started doing my own web graphics and got a bit addicted to that too :-)

I'm now in my 3rd (and last) year in the Technion.
I had a very interesting summer. I took a course in Intro to Economics, which was a nice change to all the computer courses I take. I went on a trip to the magnificent London, with my sister Hadas. I made a page about it too :-) Go to to take the virtual tour with me :-)
I started learning ball-room dancing. I went off with a friend, David (Dudi, as a nick). He used to be my dancing partner and now he is also my boyfriend :-) Go to to visit his homepage.

This summer I will probably join the army. I hope to keep in touch with my friends here in the Technion.

And now....Only the Details:

Details Only

Name: Racheli Sokol.
F/M: Female
Country: Israel
Birthday date: November 2nd, 1978. Be a sweetheart, send a card.
Visit my b-day page!
Occupation: Computer Sciences Student, The Technion, Haifa, Israel - 3rd Year.
Pascal Tutor in KAT.
Designer and manager of KAT's site.
Army: In the Atuda program ("reserve"). After I'll finish my degree I'll join the army and serve as (hopfully) an officer, working in my profession.
Hair: Black, Straight.
Eyes: Blue (might look green when exposed to light).
Boyfriend: David (Dudi) Zusiman. Click here to visit his homepage - Zusiman Enterprises

I share this friendship heart with Dudi.

Friends: Female: Limor, Shani, Hadas, Yonit.
Male: Dudi, Amnon, Doron, Rony.
Cyber: Adam, Synny, JoJo, Ira, Anat, Melissa, Rita and the people from alt.cuddle.
Color: Purple, Blue, Orange.
Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Internet, Building web pages, Computers, Graphics, Music, Movies. (see The Back Yard for the hobbies section of this site).
Animals: Cats, Dogs.
Sport: Aerobics, Dancing, Watching Basketball games.
Teddy Bears: I have 5: White Teddy, White Teddy 2, London Teddy, McDonalds' Winnie-the-Pooh & Piglet (who isn't a teddy actually).
NewsGroups: alt.cuddle (see my CuddleLand page, dedicated to it)
Yummies: chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.
Drink: Orange Juice, Apple Juice, Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, Mineral Water, Strawberry Juice.
Flower: Roses (not white), sunflower, groundsel (and for the hebrew speakers: savyon), but will settle for any if you wonna send me some ;-)

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