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My Cliques

Here is a great way to get to know me: My Cliques. Click on the clique's graphics if you want to be a part of it.

This page is made with LOVE Magic Smiley Face - Have a Wonderful Day!
100% Unique, 100% Me my page is totally me.
Many Waters: Salt Waters

Personality & Colors

I love my boyfriend There's no such thing as too many pages!!
Telent? why, that's my middle name! Special? why, that's my middle name!
eyes of truth - ray of light Blue Eye: Creative, caring, warm, ambitious and curious about life
I'm Navy Blue
Yellow Sugar - Friendly, Smile huge and wide Multi-Sugar : Everything -and- Something

Romantic Grrl at Heart

i'm waiting for my someday
I'm a wisher
Haven't you noticed?
Star Gazer: Friendly

Play like a girl
And Proud of it!

I'm a SPRING season person.


What's your season?

I Love Blue! I Love Purple!

Purple is my passion


font crazy I love Basketball!
I love butterflies!

I Believe..

I believe in dreams I believe in friendship
I believe in love I believe in myself

Smart is Sexy!
Smart is Sexy.

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